About Karina Taugwalder

My name is Karina Taugwalder. I have a passion for helping you with visibility through online marketing. I provide services in website design, social media, content marketing and specialize in search engine optimization (SEO). I work mostly with solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses who need an online presence and guidance with visibility. Most of my clients come to me by referral. When I am not not working I enjoy adventurous rock climbs out in the mountains with my husband and dog.

I have an Associates of Science degree in Marketing and my credentials include:

  • Over 15 years of experience in the customer service field of different industries
  • Several years services as a business owner serving small businesses in online presence care
  • Certificates in Online Technology from Lynda.com
  • Degree in Associate in Science Marketing from The University of Hawaii
  • Certificates in Retail Management, Business Management, and Customer Service
  • Degree in Banking & Business from Brig Trade School & Bern Banking School in Switzerland

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I’m often asked, ‘how did you get into online marketing?’

I was in college and at first I chose liberal arts as my major. In a short amount of time I became fascinated with how you can market a business, strategies and the psychology behind marketing and chose marketing as my major.

Soon, I was giving marketing advice to local businesses.  One of the first clients I worked with was food trucks.  I provided marketing advice and social media posting.  Next, I worked with a bakery.  I created posts for their social media platforms and updated their website.

But something was pulling me to do more.  I wanted to officially start my own business.  Yet fear held me back.  It was my heritage that showed me I could start and run a successful business.

 Karina Taugwalder of Online Presence Care Climbing the Matterhorn

Climbing the Matterhorn

Mountain climbing is part of my Swiss heritage.  My brave ancestors were the first to climb the Matterhorn in 1865.  In 2011, I decided to climb the Matterhorn to honor them.

The hardest part was getting to the top.  My legs felt heavy.  My body wanted to give up, but my mind kept reinforcing positive self-talk.  It kept telling me, “never give up, never give up. You will get there.  Just because you got to the top you still have to make it down.”

I realized, if I can climb to the top of the Matterhorn, I could start my own business!  I didn’t have to work for anybody.  All I had to do was believe in myself.  In 2013, I founded my company, “Swiss Wiz”.

Now I’m known for quality of service, attention to detail and patience.  When authors need peace-of-mind using their websites and various online platforms, I’m their first choice.  They gain visibility and meet their goals.

I look forward to helping you gain more success online.

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