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What are the most important social media platforms I need to be on for business?

I recommend Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter.

The reason I recommend these platforms is because Facebook is no. 1 and most popular. LinkedIn is important because you can build professional connections and showcase your online work experience and credentials. Google Plus and Twitter are beneficial for your business online visibility, SEO, branding and more.

There are more social media sites I can recommend, but it depends on what industry you are in and what your business goals are. Ask me about it.

What size photo is good for a Facebook cover and small picture?

I use the size 851 x 475 pixels for the cover and 180 x 180 pixels for the small picture.

Here is additional recommended sizes for business social media profiles:
Twitter: 1500 x 500 pixels for large cover and 400 x 400 pixels for small image.
LinkedIn: 1536 x 768 pixels for large cover and 300 x 300 pixels for logo
Google+: 1080 x 608 pixels for large cover and  480 x 270 pixels

If you have any questions or you are limited for time and need assistance to add header images to your social media call me.

When you save your images keep in mind the different file formats. I use mostly JPEG and PNG for compressions. I use  JPEG for photographs and continuous-tone images and I use PNG for graphics/illustrations and when the image has a transparent background.  For more explanation on file formats visit

Why is video so popular?

People like video because they can see others in action. If you do a video you can showcase yourself, your services and or product. It is authentic, it is you. People like that;  they want to see how you act, talk, look like, it is real.

Is it better to post video on Facebook or Twitter?

If you have a video (not recorded via live broadcast) I suggest you put that video on your main social media sites that you have a big following. So if you are on Facebook and Twitter I would post it on both.

If you do a live video broadcast use each social media you are on with a large following. To name a few: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat can do live broadcast videos.

How can I use micro-moments in marketing my business?

First, what are micro-moments? They are instant moments where people act on a need or want.  In that split second the person wants to make a decision to buy or use a service and uses the phone to search for a business and/or solution.  This is important for businesses who want to take advantage of these moments and solve people’s problems with their service, product, location, or info. Therefore they need to get involved with mobile marketing.

What does this mean for you and your business? You would have to design a micro-moment action plan of your audience’s needs and offer a solution to them.
Call me or email me and I will walk you through to map out your moments.

Read more on micro-moments:

What are the best times to post and how many times?

In today’s social media world it is not so much about frequency anymore, it is more about quality content. As a general rule, I suggest posting 2-3 times a day on your platforms.  The post should have a mix of content that is your own and content from others. Sharing content from others is appreciated.
As far as the best time to post: it depends on what your preferred audience is and where they are located. To find that out I would first post at the general rule times; see the section #2 called “Post at the Right Time of Day” on Social Media Examiner’s site:
Social Media Examiner

Then after 2-4 weeks review your posts and see what time your audience engaged (likes, comments, shares). Based on that I suggest you adjust posting at that times when your audience engages the most. In the social media industry, there is never the perfect time or perfect frequency. Social media is about consistency, patience, quality content and engaging with your audience and other businesses.

What equipment works to do video with my cell phone?

When you use your cell phone for video you have to make sure to stabilize your phone and to have good and clear sound. There are all kinds of products on various retailers (including Amazon), that sell phone mics and tripods.

The best equipment I’ve come across is when I attended Anthony Prichard’s workshop. He invented the ‘Mobile Studio Stick‘. It is adaptable, simple and small enough to travel with. In addition, you need a lavalier microphone that plugs into your cell phone. See his website for more information and his equipment:
I bought the mic and ‘mobile studio stick’ because it is a smart invention, comes with his selling guide and I want to support local businesses. I started using it and love it. I am working on getting my YouTube channel up and running. I keep you posted.

Come back to this page. I’ll add to it frequently after each seminar. If you have any comments and/or question join my call; I would love to hear you.

When do I use a site builder versus a webmaster?

If you have ample time on your hand and can design your own website a site builder like Webbly, Wix or SquareSpace are ideal. Site builders have limitations when it comes to customizing your website or expanding it in the future. Also additional features are usually at an additional cost. If your time is limited and you need a more custom website design including maintenance and personalized support a webmaster is recommended.

Why do I need a monthly maintenance plan?

After a website is designed the project is never done because a website is a living document and needs constant attention to be successful and get a good page ranking with search engines. Same goes for social media, consistent and frequent posting to your channels is good for your online presence. Online activity is important and shows that you are an active business online and you care about your customers.

What are the benefits of monthly maintenance?

Here are some main benefits of keeping your online presence maintained with your website and social media:

  • Your website can be found and ranks high in searches (ideally on the first page). Therefore regular upkeep of website content and optimizing keywords is essential.
  • Recommendations on how to improve your online presence by running regular reports on website performance and social media stats.
  • Keep hackers out and keep the website running smoothly means to update your website theme and plugins on a regular basis.
  • Detect any breaches and keep your files safe by running regular scans to check for malware.
  • Get your website up and running quickly in case it goes down by creating local and online backups of the website files.
  • Overall benefit of doing all these services for you is that it saves you time so you can focus on the tasks to run your business.
  • Being a client mine ensures that you get good service because we care.
How does a typical one-page website look like?

It is one single page and is not the same as a landing page. Even though it is one page you have a menu navigation at the top.
Click on the link to see a sample one-page website.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is also called a lead capture page or squeeze page and useful to get your website visitors’ info (like email). Such a page is mostly implemented when running marketing campaigns.

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