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Many of my clients save time leaving the tasks to me so they can focus on their business. Read what clients say.

The Guide for Websites and Social Media

My name is Karina Taugwalder. I have a passion for helping you with visibility through online marketing. I specialize in website design, social media and content marketing. I work mostly with authors who need guidance with visibility getting out there selling books. Most of my clients come to me by referral, webinars and workshops.

What do you want?

Do you want a website that allows your business to be found online? Would you love to promote and sell your products and services, through your website? Do you need social media that’s seamless and leads people to your website?

Why Work With Me?

One reason is I have my own 7-step system to overcome the three “online success barriers” that provides you visibility, meet your goals and saves you time.

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Send me a message on my contact page to setup a time discuss your project. I look forward to guide you.

What Online Presence Care Clients Say

“We would like to thank Online Presence Care for doing a great job on our SEO! Not only are Karina and her team very thorough and knowledgeable; they are efficient, responsive and always have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the constantly changing ranking algorithms. We have used SEO companies in the past and none have come close to the results Online Presence Care has provided for us.Thank you!” Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey, DaVinci Institute, Westminster, CO
“Karina Taugwalder owner of Online Presence Care has been a trusted and reliable source for our internet marketing needs and we value her insight, knowledge and hands-on approach to providing website/social media solutions. We value Online Presence Care’s relationship due to Karina’s ethical touch and have continued to work with her because of her integrity and creativity. I would not be where I am today without Karina’s help and look forward to a continued relationship.” Melissa Woods, author of “Getting Past Anxiety, an inspirational novel to reclaim your life.

What Do You Want?

Do you want a website that allows your business to be found online?  Would you love to promote and sell your products and services, through your website?  Do you need social media that’s seamless and leads people to your website?

If not, there are three “online success barriers” you’re experiencing.  First, you may not have access to the website you’re paying for.  Second, you’re frustrated, because your Web Designer doesn’t consistently communicate with you.  Third, you may have a fear of technology.

Your Visibility Specialist and Guide for Websites, SEO and Social Media

Online Presence Care Team Karina Taugwalder photoMy name is Karina Taugwalder. I am your visibility specialist and guide for websites, SEO and Social Media. I work mostly with small businesses who want to gain visibility.  I help my clients save money, time and effort with “The 7-Step Visibility System“.

My team and I specialize in website design, social media profile setup and content marketing. I learn what the client’s challenges are with their online presence and implement solutions to meet their goals. This helps my clients with visibility and saves them time to focus on their business.

I invite you to browse my website to learn more about my team, services and resources.

Here are four other reasons you should work with me:

Website Design

I will reduce the anxiety and stress of building and managing a website. Your website will be seen online by your clients and prospects. You will have access to the back-end of your website, so you can make any changes you like. I will involve you in each step of your website project. I will follow up and keep you on track, so your project won’t get delayed.

SEO Services

Part of good website design is optimizing content and structure for search engines (SEO). Additionally, I optimize for local SEO and manage online directories for location-dependent businesses.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing consists of building the right social media channels for you that are connected to your website, and a plan to maintain them. Additionally, a strategy for blog and email marketing can be  implemented


I’m patient. I will walk you through the design process to build you a solid online presence. I understand that the “tech-side” of your business isn’t your cup of tea. I’m available by text, phone or e-mail. I will teach you and help your business grow via your overall online presence.

Don’t Do It Yourself

You may think, “I can do it myself”.  But here are some key things you may not know about do-it-yourself website design platforms and social media channels:


Integrating web design with social media channels is hard.  One or more mistakes will cost you more money in the long run, because a professional will need to fix the mistakes.


If you’re not tech-savvy, you can get overwhelmed.  Remember there are over 500 social media channels.


Do-it-yourself web design platforms have limitations and restrictions.  You won’t be able to make the changes you need to attract people to your website.

You will save money, time and effort, by hiring me to do this for you.  There are many aspects to having an online presence.  It takes time to combine your new website with your social media channels.  As I tell my clients…

“Making money online is not a sprint, but a marathon.”

I will communicate with you in each step and complete your project.  I’m patient.  I’m available for emergencies over weekends, by text, phone or e-mail.  I will teach you how to use and grow your business with your website.  You will always have access to your website. I will follow up and keep you on track, so your project won’t get lost.

Get Started Today with an Improved Online Presence

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