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Website Design and Setup of Social Media Profiles

Our team designs beautiful custom websites using WordPress. We also set up social media profiles. Contact Karina today to discuss your project.

Website Upkeep and Social Media Posting

A website is never done and needs regular maintenance and content upkeep. Same thing for your social media profiles. They need regular content posting and reputation management. Contact Karina to discuss your project.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our team provides SEO (search engine optimization) services (including local SEO). We optimize your website and other online profiles so your business is found online and ranks better with search engines. Contact Karina to discuss your project.

Online Presence Consultations

We provide online presence consultations on how you can improve your current online presence so your business is a favorite with search engines. Contact Karina me to discuss your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use a site builder versus a webmaster?

If you have ample time on your hand and can design your own website a site builder like Webbly, Wix or SquareSpace are ideal. Site builders have limitations when it comes to customizing your website or expanding it in the future. Also additional features are usually at an additional cost. If your time is limited and you need a more custom website design including maintenance and personalized support a webmaster is recommended.

Why do I need a monthly maintenance plan?

After a website is designed the project is never done because a website is a living document and needs constant attention to be successful and get a good page ranking with search engines. Same goes for social media, consistent and frequent posting to your channels is good for your online presence. Online activity is important and shows that you are an active business online and you care about your customers.

What are the benefits of monthly maintenance?

Here are some main benefits of keeping your online presence maintained with your website and social media:

  • Your website can be found and ranks high in searches (ideally on the first page). Therefore regular upkeep of website content and optimizing keywords is essential.
  • Recommendations on how to improve your online presence by running regular reports on website performance and social media stats.
  • Keep hackers out and keep the website running smoothly means to update your website theme and plugins on a regular basis.
  • Detect any breaches and keep your files safe by running regular scans to check for malware.
  • Get your website up and running quickly in case it goes down by creating local and online backups of the website files.
  • Overall benefit of doing all these services for you is that it saves you time so you can focus on the tasks to run your business.
  • Being a client mine ensures that you get good service because we care.
Do you charge an hourly or a flat fee?

Every project is different. I am working with you to get you the best service for a reasonable flat rate. After discussing your project I will email you a quote and the scope of the work.

Do you offer discovery sessions?

Yes, I offer a half-hour complimentary discovery session to discuss any online presence challenges you have. Go to my Calendar page and schedule a session with me.

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