Goals with Deadlines Motivate More

Last week I experimented with some tools that keep me motivated throughout the day and week. I wanted to share that with you because this tool gives me a ‘motivational rush’ throughout the day and keeps me going to reach my goals.

I noticed when I have a list of goals with deadlines it keeps me motivated more to finish the project. This strategy eliminates ambiguity, increases your focus and motivation to get things done.

I created a personalized motivational reach your goal worksheet. This worksheet helps me achieve goals and enforces consistency and motivation. You can use my worksheet or a dry erase board. You’ll also find worksheet templates in a word processing program there that you can customize. Important: Keep this list close by or in front of you to keep you on track. Whenever you accomplish a goal put a star or smiley sticker next to it to congratulate yourself and celebrate!

Try it and see if it works for you to stay motivated. Share your comments; I would love to hear from you. Have a great motivational rush day!

Photo credit: PixaBay by Shivmirthyu