Music is a Motivator

Is music really a motivator during work hours? In my opinion, music is a motivator during my work hours!

I am sensitive and react to what I hear. Certain songs evoke more creativity in the work I do, than other ones. And some music puts me into an energetic mood. For example, I play classical music that helps me focus in my morning reading sessions. Techno and “happy/cheer-me-up music” helps me work fast; I do more of the writing and tasks that don’t require too much focusing. The lounge music gets me into a rather creative mood to design graphics and come up with unique ideas.

The App I use to have many different songs at my fingertips is Spotify. It is free. You can also sign up for premium that plays no commercials and you can listen to music while offline. I use the free version for now; I am not annoyed by the ads that they play every once in a while. What I love about Spotify the most is that you can type in a mood or keyword (ex. creativity or productivity) and it recommends a list of songs for you. Each song can then be added to your personal playlist. It’s pretty cool! Check it out: Spotify

I would like to hear from you if music has an impact on you and what App you use.

Photo credit: PixaBay by Free-Photos